Sauna Rules Sign


Enjoy this sign outside of your sauna or in your changing room. Let all sauna-goers in your house know the rules of sauna. The sign reads as followed:


1. Sit on top pench at yuu own rdisk.
2. Memper tis: Tuu muts teem kets yuu reel tissy. Yuu dumbel town ant prake yuu pones at own rdisk.
3. If svet kets in yuu eyes, chust plink a coppla dimes.
4. If yuu ket sliffer in yuu packsite from ta pench, ton't holler tuu lowt. Naypers vil tink vee putsering a pic, ant pe looken for pork sops nex tay, ant ritavay pe,, asken: "Vhen ta hed chese pe ton?"
5. Vhen yuu all ton (or if yuu lip on ta sope) pudit pack inta sope tis. Ton't leef it melden onta pench.
6. If yuu ket tuu hot, Ko chump in ta lake!

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