What is Sisu?

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Sisu is Finland's best kept secret. For over 500 years sisu has been the  way of life in Finland. Sisu is a Finnish construct that offers an explanation to the mental toughness and ability to endure while facing extraordinary odds.

If you are unsure if you have ever wielded 'sisu' for yourself, ask yourself if you have ever endured adversity in life. You may have had an experience where your tank was empty and somehow you continued on. Afterwards when someone would ask how you overcame such obstacles, you probably didn't have an answer. That is sisu.

It is said that one cannot understand Finns without understanding the meaning of sisu. It has also been said that sisu is "untranslatable" but that is a false conclusion. Albert Einstein once said, "What we cannot describe simply, we don't really understand." Sisu is a psychological strength capacity enabling individuals to power on when they feel they have reached the limits of their perceived mental or physical capacities. So it can be said that sisu describes the Finnish spirit. It's a concept that drives Finns lives.

How many Finns does it take to change a light bulb? None. Finns aren't afraid of the dark! In Finland, they have it all day long in the winter.


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