Arabia Paratiisi

Arabia Paratiisi Mug

$ 29.00
Savor any warm beverage with the Arabia Paratiisi Mug. Baring one of Finland's most beloved tableware patterns, this piece is...
Arabia Paratiisi Mug Arabia Paratiisi Mug

Arabia Paratiisi Soup/Cereal Bowl

$ 29.00
Featuring a visually rich motif of fruits and flowers, the Arabia Paratiisi Soup/Cereal Bowl is both striking and purposeful. Birger...
Arabia Paratiisi Soup/Cereal Bowl Arabia Paratiisi Soup/Cereal Bowl New

Arabia Paratiisi Salad Plate

$ 39.00
A bed of greens will plate beautifully on the Arabia Paratiisi Salad Plate. Vines bearing fruits and flowers wrap around...
Arabia Paratiisi Salad Plate Arabia Paratiisi Salad Plate New

Arabia Paratiisi




The enchanting Paratiisi series designed by Birger Kaipiainen is a well loved Arabia classic. Paratiisi combines strong, subtle design with rich decoration.The artistry of Paratiisi is bold and grand – the artist's personality lives on in the decorations. The clear colours of the decorations are testament to Kaipiainen's unique skill of combining colours. It only takes one Paratiisi object to bring a new atmosphere to the table and turn an everyday meal into a celebration.

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