Finnish Salmiakki

Lakerol Salmiak Licorice Pastilles

$ 2.49 $ 2.99
Lakerol Salmiak Licorice Sugarfree Pastilles are highly addicting! This Finnish pastille slowly dissolves while the flavor lingers. These pastilles work...
Lakerol Salmiak Licorice Pastilles New Sale

Halva Salmiak Finnish Sweet Licorice Bar (60g)

$ 1.75
A soft, richly-flavored chewy bar of licorice from Finland, with a hint of salmiak (salt). Brand: Halva Measurement: 60g Country:...
Halva Salmiak Finnish Sweet Licorice Bar (60g) Halva Salmiak Finnish Sweet Licorice Bar (60g)

Fazer Salmiakki Chocolate Bar (100g)

$ 4.99
Fazer Salmiakki is the best choice of a salmiakki and chocolate lover. The salty liquorice filling is topped with top...
Fazer Salmiakki Chocolate Bar (100g) New

Fazer Lakritsi Smooth Salmiak (150g)

$ 5.99
Fazer Lakritsi is a new and unbelievably soft Finnish liquorice. Its delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928....
Fazer Lakritsi Smooth Salmiak (150g) New

Halva Salmiak Mega Mix (163g)

$ 6.99
Salmiakki Mega Mix contains five different types of salty liquorice :1 ) Salmiakki skull that is soft tasty liquorice. 2...
Halva Salmiak Mega Mix (163g)

Halva Salmiakki Ruutu Salt Licorice (250g)

$ 6.99
Great salmiak squares produced by Halva. Salty licorice eaters will love these! One of our customers favorites! Brand: Halva Measurement:...
Halva Salmiakki Ruutu Salt Licorice (250g) New

Halva Big Bag Finnish Filled Licorice (500g)

$ 9.99
This delicious licorice concoction is a mix of three different filling flavors in one bag; mint, chocolate and salty licorice. Ingredients: Sugar,...
Halva Big Bag Finnish Filled Licorice (500g) New

Kouvolan Salmiak Lakeritsi (Salted Licorice) (300g)

$ 9.99
Finnish Salted Licorice (Salmiak Lakeritsi) is a delicacy in the Nordic countries. Our Kouvolan Salmiak Licorice is among the highest...
Kouvolan Salmiak Lakeritsi (Salted Licorice) (300g) New

Finnish Salmiakki
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