The Finns were pretty brilliant when they came up with an annual day to celebrate their love for saunas. Sauna culture is a huge part of the lifestyle in Finland and that’s true for us Yoopers (an endearing term for those of us who abide in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) too! Every year, Finland opens their saunas, both public and private, for anyone to use!

While Saunapäivä isn’t a national holiday for us in the U.S., we plan on honoring our Finnish heritage and taking a nice, long sauna. Saunapäivä falls on July 27th this year, but we thought we’d go ahead and fire up the sauna now! We’ve put together a few convincing reasons for you to join in on making the ritual of sauna a part of your life. 

1. Sweat it out, don’t stress out! 

Winters are long, summers are short in both Finland and the Upper Peninsula (home to our store!), and the weather can certainly take its toll on our well being. One of the best ways to combat the stress of long winters, the demands of our jobs, and everyday stress, is to sweat it out! Saunas have long been referred to as, ‘the poor man’s pharmacy’ as they provide many benefits that directly impact our stress levels. The heat and steam of a sauna is great for improving circulation, detoxing, and soothing aches and pains from muscle and joint tension.

2. Deepen friendships and get to know your neighbors. 

Don’t have a sauna? Don’t worry, one of the best parts about Sauna day is that everyone opens up their saunas for friends and strangers alike! As Finns and Yoopers, we tend to err on the side of introversion, but treating the sauna as a communal space can be a great way to meet new friends or get to know your neighbors on a deeper level. If you don’t know anyone with a sauna, check to see if your city has a public sauna or if your local gym include a sauna.


3. Steamy Selfcare 

If sweating it out with others just isn’t your thing and you find yourself in need of some alone time, the sauna is a perfect place to just be! Our lives are busy and we often overlook selfcare, but it’s so important for us to remain happy, healthy, and balanced. Taking a sauna can feel meditative, healing, and rejuvenating. There’s nothing like soaking up some heat, sweating out the gunk, and breathing in the clarifying properties of eucalyptus oil.

4. Engage with Finnish culture

Whether your a Finn by blood or not, the people and culture of Finland have a lot to offer in terms of rich lifestyle practices. The Finnish believe deeply in the values of trust, equality, honesty, personal space, nature, and relaxation. All of these values come together in the practice of sauna. The sauna is a place and a ritual in which we can honor our bodies, each other, and nature.