Sauna Buckets & Ladles

Sauna Buckets & Ladles

8 products
    8 products
    Pinetta Natural Wood Sauna Bucket - 4 Liter (156501278726)
    Pinetta Natural Wood Sauna Bucket - 4 Liter
    $ 64.99
    Harvia Sauna Ladle 15" (8776984134)
    Harvia Sauna Ladle 15"
    $ 29.99
    Harvia Sauna Ladle 19" (3971222110286)
    Harvia Sauna Ladle 19"
    $ 29.99
    Rento Bamboo Sauna Ladle
    $ 29.99
    15% OFF
    Sauna Starter Pack (6592633897038)
    Sauna Starter Pack
    Sale price $ 118.11 Regular price $ 138.96
    Copper Sauna Bucket (395844315)
    Copper Sauna Bucket
    $ 79.99
    Sauna Ladle Aluminum/Wood 19" Ladle Rento Sauna (395844111)
    Sauna Ladle Aluminum/Wood 19"
    $ 23.99
    Pinetta Wood Sauna Bucket w/ Rope Handle (4802350547022)
    Pinetta Wood Sauna Bucket w/ Rope Handle
    $ 69.99

    Sauna Buckets and Ladles

    Should be kept partly filled with water (when sauna is hot) to prevent wood from drying out. When not in use, store your Finnish sauna accessories at floor level to slow the evaporating rate. Avoid leaving metal buckets on the top bench. To begin enjoying steam sauna benefits, use only 1/2 ladle of water on the rocks. Too much water cools the rocks and lowers the temp which kills the steam.

    Sauna Oils and Scents

    Sauna oils are used to enhance the home sauna experience. Simply add a few drops of an oil to your bucket of water and ladle onto rocks to create pleasing aromas. We have all the popular scents including Eucalyptus oil which is great for when you need to clear your sinuses. Other popular scents are birch, menthol and cedar. Shop Sauna Oils and Scents...
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