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Swedish Dishcloth?

Our #1 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloths

The Original Swedish Dishcloth

Marvelously absorbent Swedish dishcloths are a wonder in the kitchen. You'll never want to go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how they work. Made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, they're durable and reusable. Use them instead of paper towels to blot up spills -- they absorb 20x times their weight in water and dry quick with no odors. Each cloth is printed with a fun motif that gives your kitchen a Scandinavian accent!

Multi-Purpose Dishcloth

Perfect for household chores, from cleaning up spills to polishing. Can be used with just water, soap, or cleaners. Great for counter tops, granite, stainless steel and glass. Cleans virtually streak-free.

Replaces Paper Towels

3,000 tons of paper towels end up in our country’s landfills every day. One Swedish Dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels. They absorb 20x their weight and are far more hygienic than a sponge and won’t crumble or pill. They air dry quickly, so it doesn’t breed bacteria or smell.

Reusable & Compostable

Swedish Dishcloths can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Alternatively, they can also be boiled or microwaved (when damp) for one minute. Hang over the faucet or lay flat to air dry. Made with 100% natural materials and printed with water based inks. You can even compost them!

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Over 10,000+ Happy Customers


I've been using these for years

I use these to wash dishes, wipe down counter tops, clean appliances, and pick up spills and messes. They can do anything a sponge can do and most of the things a paper towel can do.

Sarah S

Love the designs
The Swedish Dishcloth has become my go-to cleaning cloth for doing dishes! The Scandinavian designs are cheerful and brighten my mood while I get the job done!

Alicia R.

These actually work!

I received my first dishcloths as a gift from a friend and have since bought many myself! Washing them is super simple and usually I just rinse it out and air dry, but when it starts to get soiled I put it in the top rack of my dishwasher. 

Judy M.

Great Dishcloths!

These cloths work well for washing dishes and dry out fast so no stink! After they are worn out in the kitchen, they work well for many other cleaning jobs, so easy to handle with those of us with small hands. Love them!


Little works of art!

Touch of Finland Swedish dishcloths are so functional, long lasting, and beautiful. I love that they dry quickly and therefore, don’t smell musty from being wet. I am actually still using the same one I started out with a year ago. I never expected it to last so long. It washes so easily and looks as bright and vibrant as it did the first day I started using it. I couldn’t resist buying more though because they are so beautiful and I love to give them as gifts. They bring a little bit of fun and joy to kitchen chores. My daughter-in-law is now a fan!

Valerie L.
Swedish Dishcloth - Birch Trees (3864971782)
Swedish Dishcloth - Birch Trees
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Blueberries (8861238598)
Swedish Dishcloth - Blueberries
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Daisy (3524597153870)
Swedish Dishcloth - Daisy
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Black Cats (10317121670)
Swedish Dishcloth - Black Cats
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Birch Bark (3864980358)
Swedish Dishcloth - Birch Bark
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Blue Bird Nest (10317330246)
Swedish Dishcloth - Blue Bird Nest
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Blueberry Leaves (4803797024846)
Swedish Dishcloth - Blueberry Leaves
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Pink Daises (10606784006)
Swedish Dishcloth - Pink Daises
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Lavender (10317406214)
Swedish Dishcloth - Lavender
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Hedgehog (1393623629902)
Swedish Dishcloth - Hedgehog
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Owls Green Swedish Dishcloths Touch of Finland (3864948614)
Swedish Dishcloth - Owls Green
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Snowy Red House (1392893722702)
Swedish Dishcloth - Snowy Red House
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Lily of the Valley (3543518052430)
Swedish Dishcloth - Lily of the Valley
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Birds with Red Berries (1020554563)
Swedish Dishcloth - Birds with Red Berries
$ 6.99
Swedish Dishcloth - Deer in Birch Forest (10593710790)
Swedish Dishcloth - Deer in Birch Forest
$ 6.99