The Legend of Heikki Lunta

According to local Finnish-American folklore, Heikki Lunta, the Finnish snow god, is said to live deep in the woods of Tapiola, Michigan and brings with him abundant snow showers.

The embodiment of Heikki Lunta was created in 1970 by David Riutta in hopes to produce enough snow for a local snowmobile race in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Dave wrote the now famous “Heikki Lunta Snow Dance Song” in hopes to garner community support for the race despite the lack of snow that year.

The song's lyrics plead with Heikki Lunta to perform his magical song and dance, which when performed causes snow to fall. The song aired for the first time on Hancock’s local radio station, WMPL. Not long after the snow fell and fell, until there was too much and the race had to be canceled!

Radio stations all around the country soon picked up the legendary tune, including mentions on “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show.”

Eventually some local Yoopers (Upper Peninsula residents) became angry about the massive amount of snowfall, believing the Heikki Lunta Snow Dance song was to blame! Mr. Riutta decided enough was enough and created the sequel, "Heikki Lunta, Go Away," that same winter.

Now it's time to pick a side. Winter is here and you must decide, are you singing and dancing for more snowfall or for it all to go away? Be careful what you wish for!

Listen to original Heikki Lunta music!

Heikki Lunta Snow Dance by David Riutta (1970)

Heikki Lunta, Go Away by David Riutta (1970)

Heikki Lunta by Da Yoopers (1991)