Kalevala Jewelry - Untamed Beauty


As March and Women’s History Month come to a close, we want to reflect on the female-centric history of a brand we are proud to carry at Touch of Finland. Kalevala is a line of sustainably crafted jewelry designed and produced in Helsinki, Finland. The company is owned by the Kalevala Women's Association, which donates its dividends to support Finnish culture.

The dream for this beautiful line of jewelry began with a woman named Elsa Heporauta and was in its origin, an idea for a statue dedicated to Finnish women. Elsa founded a committee of strong and influential women to raise funds for the statue, but they instead had the idea to create and sell jewelry designed after the ancient pieces housed in the National Museum of Finland. In December of 1937, the first collection of 40 pieces were released and became instantly popular amongst the women of Finland. The vision for this line of jewelry was inspired by its namesake, the Finnish national epic containing old mythology and poetry called The Kalevala.

Although the first Kalevala designs were created by a man, Paula Häiväoja was appointed the first woman as head of design in 1963. Paula’s designs were ultra-modern and the catalyst for Kalevala’s shift from classic, historical jewelry to more modern pieces that carried with them the spirit of time as well as the Elsa’s vision.

Pictured: Moon Goddess Pendant, an original design still in production.

Today, Kalevala jewelry is handmade in Finland using ethically and sustainably sourced materials. 

“In our jewelry production, 100% of the gold and 70% of the silver we use is recycled; the remaining 30% of silver is from Scandinavian mines. The use of recycled materials in jewelry production significantly reduces the burden on natural resources compared to all-new materials. The diamonds used in our jewelry come from reliable partners who are committed to the Kimberley Process. In this way, we can ensure a transparent supply chain all the way from the diamond mine to the end user. In addition, we have created an innovative operating model that increases transparency and entails higher commitment to ethical conduct throughout the supply chain.”

Kalevala Jewelry continues to be one of the most valued, progressive, and open-minded companies in Finland. Kalevala is committed to their passion of promoting the rights of women. They hope that all women tap into their own untamed beauty, follow their dreams, and break the boundaries of traditional gender roles. These gorgeous collections of jewelry serve as a visual ode to all women. Their current slogan, “untamed beauty” wonderfully captures this ideal.

We are honored and proud to carry Kalevala Jewelry at Touch of Finland. Every piece of Kalevala jewelry tells a story: legends from history, stories of our time, glimpses of the future.