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    Let nature's own active substances nurture your skin! Silva Arctica - is for daily Finnish skincare and Sauna Arctica - a nourishing Finnish sauna creme and Finnish sauna oil series, are certified by NaTrue.Org. Sauna cremes protect the skin against excessive heat, without preventing it from breathing while providing multiple skin care, moisturizing, cleansing, and stabilizing functions.

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    The Sauna is a Finn's way of relaxing - and each one of us does it in our own way. For us Finns, bathing is more than a ladle of water thrown on a hot sauna stove. It is a number of rituals learned early in our childhood - a whole experience consisting of many small sensations. Rento helps make the sauna experience become one of life's greatest pleasures. Shop Rento Sauna...

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    19 products