Mellis Sauna Cremes

Mellis Sauna Cremes Sauna Arctica Cremes from Mellis feature skin care products used in the sauna, which protect the skin from excessive heat, allowing the skin to breathe at the same time....

Mellis Sauna Oils

Mellis Sauna Oils Bring authentically refreshing aromas to the sauna with Mellis Sauna Oils. Drop a few drops of this concentrated sauna oil into a bucket of water and throw onto hot...

Mellis Face, Foot & Hand Cremes

Mellis Face, Foot & Hand Cremes From the Silva Arctica series, Mellis brings you a series of various Finnish skin care products; nourish and refreshing hand and foot creams, strawberry seeds and facial...

Mellis Shampoo & Soaps

Mellis Shampoo & Soaps From Finland shop Shampoos, Body Washes and Soaps that can be used in and out of the sauna. Mellis Skincare products treat the skin on many levels, moisturize, cleanse and balance...

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