Fiskars Norden Cookware Care Instructions

General Cookware Instructions

  • Wash the dish before the first use.
  • Always match the cookware size with the stovetop heat zone.
  • Do not heat empty cookware.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • Do not overheat the dish.
  • Do not leave empty cookware on the stovetop.
  • After use, turn the heat off, and allow the dish to cool down before washing.
  • Wash the dish after use.
  • Avoid storing food in coated pans or casseroles.
  • When storing, avoid placing metal pans, covers or other objects with sharp edges inside the cookware, as doing so may cause scratches.

Cast Iron Care

  • Always lift the dish when moving it on a glass or ceramic stovetop, do nto pull it across the stovetop to avoid scratching the glass surface.
  • The wooden handle/trivet should be removed when using the pan/casserole in the oven.
  • For best frying results: use a bit of cooking oil or fat.
  • Reduce stovetop temperature as soon as the food begins to boil, fry on low- and mid-heat settings.
  • Handles may become hot while cooking - use pot holders.
  • Do not overheat the dish in oven or on the stovetop, temperatures over 270°C / 518°F will damage the dish.
  • Avoid use of metallic kitchen utensils, sharp objects, scouring pads / powder and steel wool, as they may damage the coating, we recommend using wooden or silicone kitchen utensils.
  • Hand wash only, for washing hot water is recommended, however mild washing detergent can be used when neccessary.